Editing Services

If you are at the place where you have decided you would like an editor for your work, you can skip to the My Editing Services section below.  If you are not sure what stage of editing you are at or what you might need help with, continue reading.

There are many types of editing, and I’ve gathered various resources to help authors with a number of them.  If you’re not quite sure what you need at this point in your writing journey, I’ve outlined below what sorts of editing can help at various stages of writing.

If you’ve got a first draft that needs fixing, you’ll probably find my All Things Writing section the most helpful, especially this post about starting a second draft.

A couple drafts in, once you’ve told the story to yourself and are trying to figure out how to tell it to other people, you might check out the posts category Editing  where I’ve placed posts about how to find plot holes and other story-wide editing issues.  The Editing category also houses posts for a little farther on, when you are wanting to fix grammar and flow.

But at some point you may find yourself going in circles, round and round the same scenes, rewriting and rewriting but never feeling anything changes for the better.  At this point it may be time to find a beta reader or editor.   There are may ways to do so (several of which are free), and I’ve outlined them in my Beta Readers and Editors post.

If any of you have editing tips of your own or would like to guest post on the topic, I would love to hear from you.  If it’s something short feel free to comment or if you are interested in guest posting you can email me at aroseely23@gmail.com.

My Editing Services

I’ve been editing and critiquing the work of other writers for a few years now, from when I professionally tutored an acquaintance for her English class for two quarters to more recently when I began exchanging work on Scribophile.  Since I’ve gotten good feedback from other authors on Scribophile I’ve decided to offer editing services to writers who might prefer to pay for editing so that they can focus on their writing rather than critiquing other’s work in exchange.  I break down the reasons for choosing either professional editing or Scribophile depending on your needs in my Beta Readers and Editors post, so if you think Scribophile might be a better option for you or you would like to compare, check it out.

I edit most genres of fiction, except horror and erotica.  I proofread all nonfiction over 3000 words and do light editing for most, but will accept nonfiction for heavy editing on a case by case basis.


Proofreading: $0.010 – 0.015 per word

Light Editing: $0.015 – 0.020 per word

Heavy Editing: $0.020 – 0.025 per word

If you would like me to edit your work, please email me at aroseely23@gmail.com.  Include the following information:

Your full name

Your email

Genre, Word Count and Working Title of your work

A brief message with any pertinent information you would like me to know such as how far along with your work you think you are or what sort of voice you are going for if the voice has odd grammar etc.

An approx. 3000 word excerpt of your work


I will usually get back to you within a couple of days and then we will discuss precise rates and other details.